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Sirhan Sirhan reste en prison !

On February 10, 2016, at his fifteenth parole hearing, Sirhan was denied parole again in a federal courthouse in San Diego.

Vidéo : The Second Gun by Charach / Alcan

2011 : Les juges californiens refusent un second procès au Palestinien enfermé depuis 1968 !


On February 10, 2016, at his fifteenth parole hearing, Sirhan was denied parole again in a federal courthouse in San Diego.

Sirhan's next parole hearing will be in 2021.

Sirhan Sirhan denied parole despite a Kennedy confidant’s call for the assassin’s release



Sirhan Sirhan

Bresler suggests that Sirhan Sirhan, the supposed lone assassin of Robert F. Kennedy, was a pre-programmed killer. Seven years after the RFK assassination, Sirhan was interviewed by psychiatrists. These recorded interviews were analyzed with the help of a Psychological Stress Evaluator (PSE), a device which measures micro-tremors in the voice. Based on the PSE, former high-ranking intelligence officer Charles McQuiston stated: "I'm convinced that Sirhan wasn't aware of what he was doing. He was in a hypnotic trance when he pulled the trigger... Everything in the PSE charts tells me that someone else was involved in the assassination -- and that Sirhan was programmed through hypnosis to kill RFK. What we have here is a real live 'Manchurian Candidate.'"

After examining Sirhan's PSE charts, Dr. John W. Heisse, Jr., president of the International Society of Stress Analysis, agreed with McQuiston: "Sirhan kept repeating certain phrases. This clearly revealed he had been programmed to put himself into a trance."



Passionnante autant que convaincante, la théorie du second tireur dans cette affaire de l’assassinat de Robert Kennedy...

The Second Gun

by Ted Charach


…sa large diffusion grâce à l'enquête filmée par Gérard Alcan...

RE - Mise en ligne le 2 août 2011 par Neil Crouse


...les écrits académiques :


By today's exacting standards of forensic science, Harper says the investigation into the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy was slipshod, at best. The evidence gathered by the LAPD was disposed of a year after the assassination, and Harper says it seems clear that other evidence was "simply made up." Whatever happened in Los Angeles that night, Harper says the evidence indicates that Sirhan may not have killed Robert Kennedy. "The bullet that killed Kennedy entered his head from the back, and as anyone knows who has seen photos of that night in that kitchen," Harper says, "Sirhan Sirhan was standing in front of Bobby."

He says the evidence would seem to indicate that all eight bullets fired from Sirhan's gun missed Kennedy, and that the fatal shot actually came from another direction.

Dr. Albert Harper

Released: 16-Nov-2006 8:20 AM EST
Source Newsroom: Academy Communications



...et les prises de positions tonitruantes de Ted Charach, notamment en ligne sur son site d'alors - the second gun exposé,

...ni même la tenacité de son avocat :

Ajoutée le 10 mars 2012 par LeakSource.wordpress.com


...n’auront suffit ni à lui reconnaître le droit à un deuxième procès, pas plus qu'à faire libérer Sirhan Sirhan !

Mise en ligne le 28 mars 2011 par YOU'RE NOT CRAZY!


Incapables de prendre au sérieux la thèse de la programmation mentale, se heurtant à son manque de repentance manifeste, les juges ne furent pas convaincus de l'inoffensivité de Sirhan Sirhan, première et dernière victime oubliée de ce drame,



...à jamais ?


... et tous les autres ?





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